Our process doesn't stop at first claim payment--focus is on residual payments until satisfaction


Success Rates on Clean Claims are at 95%


We have 100% satisfaction from doctors served


We receive 90- 100% reimbursement expectation on all emergency services

Med Pro Affect

We' ve built a long standing relationship based on trust

Med Pro Surgeon Billing is a boutique white glove medical billing service for highly specialized surgeons who are billing high dollar claims. Our mission is to get you a better return on your services so you can focus solely on patient care–it’s called the Med Pro Effect. We serve surgeons who are primarily out- of-network, who focus at least 30% of their practice on emergency care and have practices of $1M+ in revenue and want to grow. We also serve surgeons who are ready to transition from in-network to out-of-network.

Here’s what we have found over and over again. Doctors don’t realize that they are under billing their insurance because they don’t want any red-flags.

However, at MedPro we will do the following for you:

• Review all rates and suggest rates accordingly that have been categorized as usual and customary (specific to your geography and specialty).
• Audit your current billing codes to limit their denials and maximize the return on each claim.
• Ensure if you conduct emergency surgery as part of your practice, our proprietary process that will have you paid 90-100% of your own arbitrarily set fee schedule.

(Side bar fact) 90% is unheard of for Out-of-Network billing, yet for MedPro it is the standard expectation.

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