About Us

In the Words of Our Founder 

Back in 2007, a close family member had been diagnosed with a debilitating disease, requiring extensive medical treatment and resultant medical bills. She was being inundated with medical invoices, and I had agreed to audit the bills to ensure compliance with her health insurance benefits package. She had been told that the medical bills were “covered”, yet she was being held responsible for the majority of the charges. While investigating, I had found that the insurance company were not all that knowledgeable about medical necessity in treatment, and the medical providers were confused as to their rights as a benefits assignee. I began advocating for the patients, to relieve them of this unexpected financial burden. The result was additional payments to the provider, and a settlement being reached where the patient was not held financially responsible.

After becoming a Certified Professional Coder, I identified many gray areas in the industry. No one seemed to be able to explain non-covered services, surgical code bundling, retro-active claim denial, medical necessity, etc. It seemed the providers were relying on the insurance companies to inform them of how to bill and what they shall be reimbursed for. The provider would then blame the insurance carrier for the large balance, and the carrier would accuse the doctor of over-billing. This is particularly true for highly specialized out of network surgeons, who were increasingly aware of the health law changes with the passing of the Affordable Care Act. We set out to bridge the gap, and hold the insurance company to a standard, in that the eventual reimbursement correlate with the expectation of payment prior to service.

Our Motto - “Coverage Means Coverage”

The intention was to simplify the process and make it transparent for both doctors and patients. For too long, providers had been writing off legitimate charges as simply the cost of doing business. We want to educate providers as to their rights under contract with the carrier as a “benefits assignee”. We have been very successful in litigating against health insurance carriers in court.

MedPro was formed to advocate for medical providers in the constant struggle to get satisfactory payment from health carriers. We strive to educate both patient and provider to maximize health insurance benefits so that the focus can remain on patient care. We assembled a team of experts in the field, who know how to get doctors paid well.

As part of our service offerings we:

  • Have personal relationships with major health insurance providers
  • Provide up-to-date understanding of current medical terminology
  • Have an understanding and application of the Affordable Care Act
  • Provide medical transcription
  • Understand current Medical Billing Practices
  • Understand current Medical Coding Practices
  • ICD-10

We promised to take care… and delivered

  • Angelo at MedPro Systems provides expert billing with personalized service, a welcome change from previous experiences.
    Glenn Cavanagh Cavanagh Anesthesia Services
  • Angelo and his team were amazingly helpful, in guiding us through the confusing and murky waters of negotiating with our insurance provider. Without his help, it would have been a significantly longer and more challenging road to recovery. It took over a year, but he helped us get full coverage as the claim was covered at 100% !
    Betsy P. Patient