Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t trust someone else with my finances?? Why should I trust you guys?

A: We are experienced and have fool proof systems in place, along with a proven track record (see our testimonials).

Q: Can you guarantee me at least the same amount I am receiving today?

A: Once you are qualified and approved, we will only add you as a client if we feel confidently that we can INCREASE your revenues.

Q: My relationship with my patients is so important to me, will you be reaching out to them to as well in this process?

A: we do not go after patients at all. All of our focus is to get reimbursed by insurance. If a patient needs to be involved to make appeals, etc., we will hand hold them in the process to get the claim settled. Patients are always very thankful for our insistence on being paid from insurance

Q: I have worked with my internal biller for years? I don’t want them to lose their job? They are like family.

A: We can leverage your current biller in our process (pre-authorizations, benefits and eligibility, office visit billing,etc.) – we can find a role for your current biller in our more comprehensive system–but it would have to be after the custom review is conducted in order to specify what roles of support are required going forward. Remember we are a pay for performance, so you are only going to gain in these relationships with Med Pro Systems.

Q: How long would the transition take?

A. It would depend on the specific details of your practice, however the normal conversion time is anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

Q. What is the MedPro Effect?


1. To get a higher return for your services from insurance companies, so that while increasing your overall revenue, you become less dependent on patient payments.
2. Raising the bar on average reimbursement for all claims that are processed.
3. Increasing revenue generated from insurance payments while decreasing dependency on patient payments.
4. CEO audits to ensure above and beyond service